Dedicated to
Angela Farr Birchfield
August 14, 1972 ~ April 30, 2001



Remembrances of years gone by
Softly tucked away
When I see your special smile
This heart is where you stay

Look at you with so much love
The years you were with me
Hold you close within my soul
For all eternity

Memories will last for sure
Your smile will always stay
The secrets that we shared in life
They stay with me today

Watched you as you slipped away
Saw you shed those tears
Wish that I could hold you close
To chase away the fears

Now you are in heaven
An angel with great wings
Looking to the sky I see
The love that your soul brings

Never will forget you
You're never gone from me
The special part of sisters
Reflecting you and me

Thank you for the beauty
You showed upon the earth
The courage and the fortitude
That gives life so much worth

Walking with you gently
Forever love so true
Two special pair of footprints
Now one set carries you.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001



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