Sending you sweet flowers
From way up in the sky
Petals fall forever
Whenever I fly by

Wearing special wings now
Made of lace that glows
They travel on forever
My glitter falls below

My halo fits so perfect
God placed it like a crown
Forever it is always there
It never will fall down

I have a special garden now
Of  flowers filled with love
Each day I send them all to you
They fall from up above

I know that you all miss me so
I miss and love you too
Heaven's such a special place
I'm watching over you

Jesus loves to come in here
He says my Garden's blest
Sweetly scented velvet
So my flowers are the best

Gentle breeze within the sky
I hope that you will know
The scent of roses in the air
Will follow where you go

I will always be with you
I promise you this day
Love for you is always there
It never goes away

Look up now and see me fly
My wings are always there
Holding you within my heart
With so much love to share

Flowers fall from heaven
Each one a sweet bouquet
Feel my wings within a breeze
Amber's on her way.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 6, 2002






Midi "Twinkle" by Bruce DeBoer


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