Through years of love and laughter

Your heart in life we wear

So gentle and so loving

For us you're always there

Each bloom in life so special

The flowers scent the air

Your love is always present

The glory that we share

Feel you wrapped around us

With all the love you send

Knowing that you'll be there

With love that has no end

Like butterflies of Springtime

That flutter in the sky

Your wings a gift of heaven

In grandiose supply


Our time in life so precious

Each treasured memory

Your laughter now reverberates

Of God's love endlessly

And so your life has ended

A new one has begun

Resting in God's Glory

In the garden of His Son

Fields of gentle Lilacs

That scent the heaven's bright

Colors warmed by all good things

That in your life were right

And so we bid a special prayer

As we look up in the sky

Our very special Angel

Has earned this gift on high

Touched by special breezes

That follow everywhere

Thank you for your beauty

The cloak in life we wear.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright June 11, 2003



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Original Midi "How Are You Now"

by John 's Midi's and Things

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