Trust she has won't go away
Little one with heart won't sway
Feels such love within her soul
Her mother's heart makes her whole

Each day in life this child explores
Mother's love it now anchors
Held so tight without a fear
Little one feels the love sincere

Catch a wave and as it leaves
Child of life will feel the breeze
Love she holds within these hands
Mother's perfect heart expands

Holding child she loves so dear
This memory of life appears
Down the road of life she rides
Her mother's heart now shines inside

Memories of special times
Two hearts and soul are now entwined
Softness in a gentle wave
Child and mother's soul engraved

Masterpiece of artist's sight
Joy in endless love so bright
Paint with love these memories
Canvas gilded heart received.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000

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