Softest touch of flower fair
She wants to place it in her hair
Feels the velvet of it's glow
Within  her hand she can't let go

Her morning stroll turns out to be
Blessing of her heart so free
Basket filled breath of air
Floral scents a morning prayer

Love she feels in morning sun
Gathers flowers one by one
Carries love right through her door
What more in life could she ask for

Gathered each with gentle thought
Each velvet petal she has brought
Brings to life love's soft array
Upon her table bright bouquet

Colors born of sun sweet rays
Butterflies that find their way
Dancing in her garden bright
Her dazzling morning will ignite

Crystal vase that stands so tall
Morning greeting to us all
Waiting as we enter there
Picked with love for all to share.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001

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