Take that step now don't you fear
Mom and Daddy they're near
Catch you if you start to fall
Proud that you are standing tall

All dressed up in Sunday's best
Princess of our life so blest
Grass is soft and green with dew
Soft the hands that wait for you

Pretty as the day is long
In our heart's life's special song
Watch you with a fervent prayer
Gift of love we are aware

Little feet that take first step
Moment that we won't forget
Grateful for this special day
Treasury in life will stay

Child of ours we love you so
Joyous time for you to grow
Warm the sun that shines today
Within our hearts your gentle ray

Peaceful time of love so blest
Each day in life you'll do your best
Little girl with diamond's glow
Comfort we will always know.

~Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001


Midi Entitled "Magic-Music-Box_Mickey-Gentle"

Obtained From "Laura's Midi Heaven"



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