My child so filled with dreams now
I see her heart so pure
My dreams of her tomorrow
I see them grow for sure

Each day her heart emerging
With softness and a glow
I watch with inspiration
This child that I love so

The road ahead is long now
I pray that I'll be there
To give her comfort always
This heart of mine we share

I wish her all the wisdom
That comes from deep within
Strength that gives her courage
The joy in life begin

Compassion and sweet blessings
Will fill her soul each day
I know that this will happen
Her heart it blooms this way

Life to give her meaning
The happiness she'll know
All these things I pray for
Each day I watch her grow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001




Midi Entitled "My Sweet Love" by ©Bruce DeBoer


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