Glides with beauty on the stage
Heart of love appears
Peaceful thoughts of solitude
Captures this premiere

Gracefully she pirouettes
Exquisitely she sways
Twirling in a gentle breeze
To symphony that plays

Swan of beauty magically
Flies through air majestically
Dancing so romantically
Fills all hearts with ecstasy

Moving hands deliberately
Telling story beautifully
Pointed toes this flawless gift
This ballerina has her wish

Dancing on in glowing light
Heart combined with love in sight
Face so filled with much delight
Filled her special dream tonight

Catch her heart it's in the air
Moonbeams falling everywhere
Sparkling in this special glow
Ballerina's first solo.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright 2001


Midi Entitled " Locket " by

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