Mommy loves you this is true
So she spends this time with you
All alone it's just us two
Precious is this moment too

Want to show how much I care
Loving touch I want to share
Keep you close and near to me
Mother's wish eternally

Every day I'll watch you grow
Then someday I'll let you go
But I want to keep this time
Treasured in this heart of mine

You will always feel my heart
Every beat you'll have a part
Love you feel will always be
There for you eternally

You are like the morning sun
Want to watch you play and run
If you fall and start to cry
Mama's there to dry your eyes

These the day remembered best
Times with you I feel so blest
Love within me goes so deep
Treasured times are so unique.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2000




Midi "Jesus Loves Me" performed by ©Margi Harrell

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