Each year as we gather

Our hearts are all blessed

For we are with purpose

At heart's own request


As happiness enters

With greatest of ease

As we sit at our tables

Our love then received


To join in this union

On this special day

To give Thanks for living

In each special way


My eyes filled with wonder

My mind is at peace

At this grateful moment

My spirit released


Look there beside you

Who do you see

What is your feeling

That comes naturally


With God there beside us

With Love that He shares

No greater gift offered

Than heart's fervent prayer


I wish you the wisdom

That falls with God's Grace

I wish you the strength

With love to embrace


Each day that we gather

Each prayer as we live

Are gifts that are offered

And so we must give


I then say with wishes

With heart's certainty

That love is the answer

In God's Light we see


So feast on the bounty

Be grateful and blessed

Join hands in the spirit

Of Thanksgiving's guest.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright November 18, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!







Midi "For You" by John Denver

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