It was a horn of plenty
Believe me this I know
Been eating now since sundown
Need a doctor though

My belly is all swelled up
My feet can't hold my weight
Been lying her forever
I know you can relate

Cats I know are sleeping
So I should catch a nap
Wonder if they'll get me
I can't have none of that

Thanksgiving has been perfect
I'm glad that I was here
This was a horn of plenty
Great time was had right here

So don't you go and scream now
Just let me rest in peace
Keep that broom away from me
I'm resting from my feast

It sure has been wonderful
Spending all this time
This horn of love and plenty
Was thoroughly divine

So thanks for all the snacking
This Thanksgiving has been grand
Catch you on the next feast
Your dinners never bland

And so it is with sadness
That I must leave you now
I thank you for this special day
I'm feeling like a cow.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright October 28, 2003


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