Gathered in my heart today
Sweet  memories of past
Laughter of my family
Their echo always lasts

Now within the sanctity 
Of all these walls so blest
Sitting at my table now
Gifts of love professed

This Thanksgiving I will pray
For all those at my side
Familiar smiles and traces of
Those I loved with pride 

Filling up my heart with love
Each thought sweet reverie
Of special joys I shared within
My life of  memories

Raise my glass in honor of
Family that I share
Spoken words in silence of
Most invoking prayer

Bless my family whom I love
Who share this day with me
Who live on so eternally
In love's heredity

Friends of old and friends of new
You are my welcome guests
Join my table filled with joy
You fill my heart's request

I share this day with you
In life's sweet harmony
Love and peace in honor of
The joy you've given me.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright Thanksgiving 2002






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