In life we share our bounty

With freedom's lasting call

Each soldier's life courageously

Now sacrificed for all

Throughout our cause of history

On freedom's steps we stand

To fight or do or die for

On any foreign land

So on this day we're thankful

And proud our colors show

That we are there to help those

Oppressed by evil's flow

Gathered on Thanksgiving

We bow our heads and pray

That those who serve this country

Will feel our love each day

The pride we wear with honor

No matter where we live

A moment spent in silence

For all the love they give

For those whose place is empty

Where once their sounds were heard

Their spirits joined together

In victory well served

We tie our yellow ribbons

We keep the candle's glow

Each  flicker of a constant light

In honor that we show

For each of you our family

Where freedom's glory reigns

All hearts forever joined with you

In constant sweet refrain

For all the brave and mighty

Who wear their colors proud

We honor and revere you

For freedom's quest avowed.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright November 17, 2003









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