When gentle hearts are broken
Tears will always fall
Remembering within this time
The love of all recall

Reaching out to touch my soul
The courage to go on
Know the treasures of this life
Each day a brand new dawn

Contemplating thoughts of peace
They're etched so deep within
Each one of us now going forth
Our courage now akin

Alone and never so alone
That I will never hear
Hearts that cry upon the winds
They always are so near

Listen very carefully
In the quiet of the night
Immerse yourself within this time
The dawn will loom so bright

Gift to always find ourselves
New path to be pursued
Blessings given on the earth
Each spirit now renewed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 15, 2001


Midi Entitled "Tears On A Rose" is composed by ©Élan Michaels.

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