She breathes the winds of autumn
Her softness at your side
Cool crisp winds now greeting
Spirit wrapped with pride

Beauty always showing
With tenderness she glides
Across the mighty mountains
Her winds a gentle cry

Peace and love upon you
With love that comes your way
Spirit of great softness
With words that you will pray

Gently pass across my heart
The winds of whispered dreams
Spirits love igniting
Glorious vision streams

Softness fall upon us
With blessings from on high
Wrapped in gentle cashmere
As gently she glides by

Seasons now upon us
In whispered sounds of hymns
Brought to you in echoes
As life for her begins.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright October 27, 2001

Midi Entitled "Buffalo Dance" is composed by ©Élan Michaels.

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