Mother M. Felicia, RGS
Virginia Moore

July 7, 1937 ~ August 31, 2013

She wore her heart upon her sleeve
So clearly we could see
The beauty of her gentle heart
Was always meant to be

She felt the joy of each new day
Her words were clearly given
She wanted each and every child
To have a life worth living

We think of her and smile within
Her worth to us pure gold
Each moment that we've spent with her
Are memories that we hold

She gave us love so many ways
Taught us how to care
Gave us all that she could give
The knowledge we all wear

Remembering each special day
Our thoughts of her defined
Within the heart of every girl
Her destiny designed

As through our life we look and see
The sparkle that she gave
The joy and peace she always shared
Her whispers we have saved

I'll keep her close within my heart
A smile across my face
She was the best that God could give
Her heart and soul embraced

Now it's time to say goodbye
But we shall meet again
Knowing that for all we have
Our final prayer Amen.

~ Francine J. Pucillo ~
Graduate Madonna Heights School for Girls
In Memory of Sister Mary J Felicia
Who Taught us how to Love
~ Copyright February 27, 2014 ~


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