Each one of you remembered
Within life's treasury
Friends and family hold you
With love so reverently

So sad the way you left us
Our hearts all grieve us so
You each were meant to be here
Your destiny such woe

Remembered now for always
We promise this is true
Names all etched so proudly
This honor just for you

In life there are such struggles
We try to make it through
Within our hearts such sadness
All dreams are lost for you

Beyond the great horizon
Where path of life entwines
God's Garden of Serenity
So beautifully designed

See you in the glow now
Through trees of filtered light
Falling from the heavens
With special warmth so bright

Love that you have given
Is left for us to share
Know that we remember
See how much we care

For every road that's taken
Within your journey's Light
Left upon this earth now
The glow of love ignites.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 28, 2002

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