Angel now protects her
She rests in glory's arms
Upon the softest velvet
Safely from life's harms

Gentle Angel brought her
To place where she will rest
Her heart now joined with spirit
In peaceful light that's blest

All of those who sought her
Upon the earth so long
Now grateful for this vision
She's where she now belongs

Within the wings of Angels
Her family on the earth
She watches with such beauty
As light glows in her worth

Hearts are torn and tattered
But always like a prayer
Tina's heart is home now
So peaceful in God's care

No more for us to wonder
No more for us to cry
She lives within our spirit
God's glory in our eyes

Rest in God's sweet garden
Sweet love that we have known
Forever now we see you
As Angels brought you home

Child on earth she left here
She sends her love each day
Upon his heart she gathers
She's with him and will stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 13, 2003



Tina Marie McQuaig we who went missing on March 15, 2000
has been identified nearly three years after her
disappearance. Investigators have positively identified
the remains of Tina and have brought her home.

Her killer has yet to be found. Her car was found four
days after her disappearance at a Wal Mart on Normandy
Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida.

Please keep Tyler, Tina's 7 year old son, in your prayers.

 It has been a long and difficult road for him and the family.

  We pray that this will be the beginning of a new investigation
that brings Tina's murderer to justice.

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website and see her story



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