In life we share the sorrows
Always there is pain
The loss of life through violence
As memories remain
Sweet and gentle times
Remembered through the years
Gathered in a special place
That fills the heart with tears
All the years of laughter
The times that we can hold
When little hands are reaching
While Mother's love unfolds
Hopes and dreams created
For every child that's born
Love that is a constant
With every waking morn
Then the dreams are shattered
And how do we begin
To pick up all the pieces
To start our life again
Photos are all gathered
There upon the wall
Treasures of the passage
Of those who gave their all
Each life on earth is sacred
A footprint left to share
A moment of contentment
Because this child was there
The sorrow overwhelming
The sadness always stays
But in our heart the beauty
Of what in life cascades
Dreams are not forgotten
Thoughts are always there
You hold them in your heart now
As you whisper gentle prayer
Love is never ending
As spirit fills the sky
In beauty of the echoes
On winds that pass us by
Feel the love around you
As Robert is in flight
Watching all his family
In every ray of light
Keep his fire burning
Within each heart you share
He is not forgotten
As he is always there.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright March 7, 2006

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Midi Obtained From Arlene's Midi Heaven

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