Heart of light and beauty
That came into our world
Gave to us such pleasure
His soul in life unfurled

Loved with so much bounty
Gave such heart and soul
Upon our hearts his blessing
Each victory our toll

Sweet and kind and loving
Sharing special gifts
Always in a moment
His spirit gave a lift

Filled with such compassion
Love that was so true
For all that he had suffered
His days in life were few

Laughter that I hear now
It comes from up above
Echoes of our Ricky
Sent with so much love

He is always with us
His spirit always stays
Loved with so much passion
It never fades away

Looking at the sunset
In beauty of God's Home
Ricky there just glowing
Each ray in sky he owns

All of our tomorrow's
They shall be all be blest
For in our hearts forever
His spirit always rests.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright December 18, 2002

Ricky died under mysterious circumstances in Houston Texas.

He was found on the railroad tracks with his pockets turned

inside out. He was at a party with friends on the night

 of September 19, 1992, and he allowed another boy

to use his car to go home. He said he would get a ride

with someone later. The boys that he left the party with

 all say that he was in back of the truck when they

 left the party. When they reached their destination

 he was gone. They did not know when or how he

he got out of the truck.


 The next morning at approximately 5 a.m. the engineer

 of a train with 29 cars, traveling at a speed of 55 miles per

hour saw a person lying across the tracks near Hardy Road

in North Houston. The engineer blew his horn and the

person on the tracks did not move. The conductor was

unable to stop the train.


The conclusion was that he was either unconscious or

 already dead. It was several days before an identification

 of my son could be made. They tried to classify this as a

suicide but because of absence of any money on my

son and the fact that his pockets were turned inside

out. Several people that were with him that evening

had noticed that he had several hundred dollars in

cash on him. He had just been paid. Up until the

present day the case has never been solved.


His family miss him so very much. He was a

very special boy, who went through so much

because he was born with a cleft pallet. That never

stopped Ricky from living his life and being a

person who loved life and lived it to the fullest.


~ Francine Pucillo ~




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