Together forever our hearts are aligned

In memories we treasure that always shall bind

The days of your life are gone now it's true

Love is a given through our whole life through

Times that we shared were surely designed

With love that we look to our hearts all combined

Those here that loved you shall keep you alive

In words thoughts and memories that always survive

We think of you often and see your sweet smile

The years of your childhood are now endless miles

We miss you and love you and that will not end

Your spirit forever with us now descends

Your time on this earth was short and it's true

That days of your life shall bring love anew

For you were the beauty of all we could see

So our love shall hold you in life's registry

We'll never forget you and hold you so dear

For you were the season of  life we revere

The times that we held you are not in the past

Treasures of memories they always shall last

We see you each morning in God's early light

We softly will kiss you as day turns to night

Each time that we hear you each word you did say

Is here for the taking on any good day

So walk with the angels in heaven's sweet sky

Knowing we miss you ~ watch from on high

For you were the glory of all that you gave

Your heart and your spirit in this life we save

Our world was made brighter by having you here

We keep you in essence of memories near

Love's never ending and life may be done

Your spirit now joins us because we are one .


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright April 7, 2006




 Paul Edward Shope III, known to family and friends as Bub,

 was murdered on Feb.11, 2006. He was shot by an unknown person(s)

 on Sheridan Lane, near Lake White in Waverley, Ohio, where he lived

his whole life. He was born on May 3, 1985 in Portsmouth, Ohio.


He was only 20 years old when  he was taken from us.

His mother is my oldest sister, Twana Johnson Foster and he has

 one sister, Misty Dawn Shope, who is 25 years old and handicapped.

They were as close as any brother and sister could be and loved each

other dearly. His death was so tragic and sudden.


I don't think we will ever get over this loss.

My son, Patrick Murphy was born on Bub's birthday,

 May 3, 1994, so they had a very close bond between them also.

Bub was loved by all who knew him. he never met a stranger,

had a heart of gold and a loving and gentle soul.

He also has a child on the way.


Robin R. Murphy  the Aunt of Bub  sent me

this information on her beloved nephew who was

murdered senselessly in an act of violence. How sad

that we loose those that we love so much to random acts

of violence. Our hearts go out to all the family of Bub

and all those who were affected by such a terrible loss.


We hope and pray that the family will find a way to

feel his presence in their life always.


Thank you, if you want to contact the family please click on the

link below to express your sympathy and support.




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