A mother's heart is burdened

Beyond the grief she bears

When her precious child is taken

By violence such despair

No reason for this evil

That takes the best away

Through pain and suffocation

Our words are hard to say

While looking for that answer

There truly is no reason

For burdens are upon us

Within each brand new season

Her precious child of beauty

Has gone from life's own sight

How burdensome this feeling

In sad and lonely nights

Her heart of hearts was taken

Her family now is broken

Only sounds she hears now

Are words that won't be spoken

Tomorrows have a meaning

If in the heart we find

That Mark was part of beauty

His legacy defined

So look upon the beauty

Of all that you can see

A breath of spring and whisper

In nature's harmony

See him in the springtime

Of  every scented breeze

Hear him as he speaks to you

In flowers he now leaves

Then within the summer

When you are feeling sad

See the waves that enter

Upon the pure white sands

In autumn when the leaves turn

Into colors that abound

See him in the twirling leaves

That make a happy sound

Feel his love upon you

In winter's gentle grace

As snow drifts from the heavens

Your memories are traced

Knowing that forever

He never leaves your side

Within your heart he rests now

With love that's filled with pride.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright December 16, 2004


Mark Anthony Espinal, 19, was murdered on February 3, 2004

in front of his home in San Leandro  in a random act of violence.

The picture above is Mark at his graduation. Mark was so proud

to have graduated from high school.  It is now over ten months since

Mark has been shot to death and no one has been arrested for

this terrible crime as of yet. Mark was the first born son in his family.

There is a reward offered for information leading to the senseless

murder of this young boy. He had so much to live for and so

many dreams that are now shattered.


Of course there are no words to ease the pain of a mother's heart

and naturally all those who loved Mark who were a part of

his family. My heart goes out to everyone and we pray that

justice in this case will be served. We know how difficult it is

to find peace and serenity after something as tragic as this

but we do pray and hope that the family will know that through

our love and prayers and the memories of their child that gave

them so much joy can sustain them through this terrible ordeal.


~ Francine Pucillo ~


If you would like to contact Mark's Mom

You can e mail here at



To see the Reward Page for information

leading to the arrests of the perpetrators of this

terrible crime please click below.



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