Pennsylvania State Trooper

In His 34th Year
Murdered November 10, 2002

In life his greatest battle
Was fought with courage brave
Upon our hearts be written
The story of his days

So young to leave his family
With tears and soft good-byes
His wife and children standing
In shadows of the skies

Our Life in sweet reflection
Upon the water's crest
With beauty of his spirit
His gleam now shines the best

Who of those among us
Could not but shed a tear
For those who die immortal
Their footprints stay so near

In life we shall remember
This man who walked our way
With honor and with dignity
We bow our heads and pray

In death you shall be carried
To place in which you rest
Within the hearts of many
Your memory now blest

The Angels up in heaven
They formed a gallant line
Such glory in your entrance
This honor God designed

Upon your stone be written
Great heroes never die
The love has all been measured
Because they passed us by

Your life a celebration
It's written so they say
No greater love was given
By man who walked our way

Your family left now gather
With friends you held so dear
Remembrances of honor
Shall never disappear.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright November 20, 2002



Pennsylvania Trooper Joseph J. Sepp Jr., 34 years of age,
died on November 10, 2002, at 3:30 pm. He was a ten-year
veteran of the Ebensburg barracks in Pennsylvania.
Trooper Sepp was shot and gravely wounded by a fleeing
suspect in a high-speed chase in western Pennsylvania.
The alleged perpetrator of this crime Mark R. Leach, 45
of Summerville was charged for this crime.

The funeral Mass for Joseph Sepp, Jr., was held at
St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church. More than
1,200 police and state troopers came from as far away
as California to pay homage to Trooper Sepp.

Trooper Sepp's lifelong dream of becoming a state trooper
was confirmed by the loving words of his wife, Jenny.

She spoke of her great love for him and  the pride
of being a part of his life along with her three
beautiful children. Amanda Jo, 5; Joseph 3,
and Andrew 2. Her final words "I love you."

For all those members of his family he leaves behind
and for all those friends who honored his life, we
ask that your prayers be offered in his memory.
May he continue to live on in your hearts.
May his journey on earth leave a greater presence
for his being here, and for the great legacy he leaves.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

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