The heart of love has left us

With sorrow and with pain

For all the world a mystery

Of why such hate remains

What evil lies within those

Who takes a life so blessed

Filled with life and beauty

A child "our gift" at best

We never know the answer

Although we question why

This evil has such power

We bow our heads and cry



Such stains of life upon us

Such pain and mortal grief

What can we do to change this

It seems that it repeats

Now Jessie lives in memories

Of those who loved her so

And Chloe also went with her

Where Angel wings all glow

Of  life and all it's treasures

There's so much that remains

A footprint that was captured

And one we never gained

So sleep in peace sweet Jessie

With Chloe at your side

In heaven's grandest Gardens

Your footprints made with pride

And we shall all remember

With greatest love we share

The joy in life created

With love when you were here .


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright July 20, 2007

Jessie Marie Davis, 26, of Canton Ohio, 9 months
pregnant who went missing for 10 days
was found murdered. Her body was discovered
in an area of Cuyahoga Valley National Park
in Summit Valley.
Bobby Cutts Jr., 30 years old is facing two
murder counts in the deaths of Davis, 26, and
her unborn child who she was going to name
Chloe. Cutts, the father of Jessie's living
2-year-old son, Blake was the father of her
unborn child Chloe.
Cutts a Canton police patrolman led police
to the body of Jessie and her unborn child.
He was on paid leave during the time of
the investigation, pending the outcome.
A childhood friend of Cutts, Myisha Ferrell was
charged with obstruction of of justice in the case
of Davis and her unborn child Chloe.
The investigation started when Jessie's mom
Patricia Porter alerted police that she was
unable to contact her daughter. When Patricia went
to the home, she found Jessie's 2 year old son Blake
wondering in an empty house.
Furniture was broken, a lamp was toppled and
bleach permeated the house. There were no signs of
forced entry. Jessie's car keys and purse
were in the home, but her cell phone and
comforter was missing.
When Blake was found he had said that his
Mommy was crying, she had a broken table
and was "in the rug."
Thousands rallied to go on a search for
Jessie but it was to no avail.
Sadly Jessie and her unborn child were
memorialized at a service held for them
at the House of the Lord Church.
Patricia Porter said her daughter always
wanted to help the needy through Christian
missionary work. She always had a heart
for God and a heart for people.
To the parents and friends of Jessie and
Chloe, we wish to offer our sincerest sympathy
and love and pray that they can get through
this most difficult time. Our prayers are with
you all. Of course we fail to understand
how something like this could have happened.
The death of anyone diminishes any human
being, but a death that was deliberate and
so heinous as to cause such pain is more than
difficult to comprehend.  May God keep you
all close to His Sacred Heart.
Francine Pucillo

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