His life on earth is over

His message stays the same

Life with love and peacefulness

Through tolerance we gain

He walked a path of glory

Life's journey knows his name

He stood for all with honor

His dignity remains

He sought to find an answer

To teach those in this life

That love is new beginning

Even through life's strife

His battle now is over

His treasure shall remain

For he is now an icon

With dignity he reigns

His footsteps lead to heaven

Within God's Light so bright

Upon the earth his legacy

That peace for all ignite

Though violence he was taken

Through sorrow we must learn

That heart's of greatest wisdom

Leaves legacy that burns

With love for one another

With peace that we can be

Just ordinary people

Who live in harmony

He saw a place of chaos

Where he had dreams of peace

Let's hope that in his passing

His message is released

His dreams for new tomorrow

With hope we understand

That we can be his messenger

The power in our hands

Let's stop the hate and violence

Let's all find peace to share

For only in a moment

Life all but disappears

We will know he passed through

With all that he has shown

Through love and understanding

Each victory we own.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright July 23, 2003


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Councilman James Davis, 41  of  District 35,

Brooklyn N.Y., was shot to death at New York

City Hall on July 23, and was pronounced dead

at NYU Hospital in Lower Manhattan.


Shots rang out in the balcony of City Hall

when Othniel Askew, 31 who entered City Hall

with Councilman Davis  shot him twice in the chest.

They arrived together  without going through

 a metal detector. It was said that Davis

introduced Askew to some, as the man who was

going to run against him in the upcoming Fall electionsm

but had now decided to join his side. While in the

balcony of City Hall Askew allegedly pulled out

his gun and shot Davis twice in the chest. Askew

was allegedly shot by a plainclothes police officer.

He later was pronounced dead at the hospital.

James Davis leaves a legacy of love and caring. He was

a former member of the NY Police Department and ran

for councilman in the borough of Brooklyn and won in 2001.


Davis founded an organization in 1991 called

"Love Yourself " Stop the Violence

This organization was instituted to stop the violence

in urban America. He also was a minister.


We are saddened by his loss, and we offer his

family and friends our sincerest condolences

during this very difficult time.

He leaves a legacy of love and caring and

we pray that there are others that will follow

the path that he followed in life that "You must

love yourself and stop the violence." It is indeed

sad and ironic that this wonderful human being

was taken away from us through the violence

he so fought against in his life.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

Copyright July 23, 2003






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