Heart is now breaking
Life's precious child gone
Little one with her
Their love Heaven Bound

Booties now empty
That were for this earth
Child of her mourning
In heaven's rebirth

Smile left will go on
In all who surround
Memories of Laci
On earth shall abound

Sweet little Conner
Forever her son
With wings of two Angels
Their life now begun

Together forever
In life that is new
Gardens of Beauty
With flower's sweet dew

God there to greet them
Mother and Child
Reached for them softly
Now heaven's sweet pride

Hearts now are weeping
For loss in this life
All those who loved them
Filled with such strife

Look to the sunrise
The stars in the sky
Laci and Conner
Wave from on high

Sending their blessings
To all those who cared
Through goodness and mercy
Their resting place shared

But high in the heavens
Upon softest cloud
Laci and Connner
Their love for you vowed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright April 23, 2003

Laci and Conner murdered on Christmas Eve, 2002
were brought home to their family on April 18, 2003.
We wish the family love and prayers during this terrible
time, for the crime that was perpetrated on Laci and her
unborn child Conner, was unimaginable for anyone to realize.

We hope that the family knows that the love
and prayers will continue to go on for their comfort
through this terrible ordeal.

To the parents, relatives
and friends of Laci, we extend our deepest
condolences. You are all in our hearts and prayers.


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~ Francine Pucillo ~

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