When I was a little pup
My dream it was to be
Part of Canine Rescue Force
If disasters called on me

You see I had a problem
When I was oh so small
They said I had Dysplasia
It didn't bother me at all

But as a little puppy
I ran and played all day
Never let this problem
Get in a puppy's way

Then an operation
Oh boy it was a job
I had to lay for hours
For me it was quite hard

Today I saw my loyal friends
All helping with great care
Police and Fire Services
Brought loyal hearts to share

So this my little tribute
For all my furry friends
Who helped to ease the anguish
Relentless to the end

I want to say with honesty
You all are my heroes
Friends of mine so special
Your badge of courage shows

So as a kindred spirit
I raise my paws up high
With bravery and honor
We felt their love nearby

In tribute to the lost ones
Who reached their rainbow's end
There's no one who's more loyal
Then furry four-pawed friends

Each day I will remember
Our loyal hearts so true
With bravery and courage
They truly helped us through.


Raena Pucillo








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