Months have gone by swiftly
Yet hearts are still bereft
Within our souls each loved one
With heart prints they have left

We seek to find an answer
Our hearts bleed every day
Searching for the reason
We bow our heads and pray

Families on earth gather
They reach out one and all
Need to find some comfort
Yet saddened teardrops fall

Today I took a journey
I closed my eyes in flight
I saw the Gate of Heaven
With flowers looming bright

There within this garden
All souls we lost that day
Walking in this beauty
Touched by God's bright Ray

Glowing with such beauty
Sweet angels all around
Whispers of the mighty
Courageous hearts all crowned

Floral scented breezes
They fill the air with peace
Walking in their Garden
Soft petals wrapped in fleece

Trees within the garden
They bow as they walk by
The flowers raise their petals
They almost seem to sigh

So much love now gathered
In Garden up above
Beyond the walls their journey
Now sanctified with Love

Remembrances forever
Beyond Life's Garden wall
Touch a flower's petal
With velvet we'll recall.

~ Francine Pucillo ~








Midi "Only Time" by Enya

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