Sleep within her comfort
Compassion comes today
Within her Arms of beauty
The sorrow fades away

Feels the hurt within you
Releases all your fears
Her wings have been their daily
She blots away the tears

Yet she knows your sorrow
That's locked so deep inside
Giving you this comfort
In sleep your pain subsides

Whispers to you softly
I've come to stay with you
With every minute passing
I'll try to help you through

Holding you so closely
For now her peace will stay
Giving you sweet comfort
As quietly she says

God is here beside you
Compassion from His Light
Sleep my child of beauty
You're always in His Sight.


~ Francine Pucillo ~




The midi is performed by ©Yuko Ohigashi.  Her midis may ONLY be used with permission from the composer.  Visit her site by clicking on her name.  The midi is entitled Emptiness.  Yuko now has MP3s available and you may download them at her site, thus helping her college fund to grow!  She has CDs for sale now too!

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