We gather in this moment
With memories and prayers
A day of tears and sorrow
With every thought we share
We capture days we treasure
We keep them and embrace
Remembering the hours
In life that we retrace
Our photos now reminders
Of  faces of the past
Each one our greatest treasure
That in our heart will last
Reminding us of beauty
That lives eternally
In presence of our heroes
We bow down reverently
Within our hearts we capture
The details of their life
We hold on to these memories
We deal with all life's strife
For we are left to ponder
The hate that can't compare
Upon the life of innocents

With sadness we declare

We shall not forget you
As years in life arrive
Forever you're the glory
In breezes life provides
You are the gentle whispers
Of every dawn that breaks
The calmness of life's sunset
That we in life embrace
Through soft and gentle breezes
You capture life's devotion
The dawn of life and sunset
Arrive with deep emotion
And so it is and it shall be
That love will enter graciously
Within the dawn of early light
Until we whisper our good-nights.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 2007

So another year has come to pass when we think of the sadness

and the deep emotion of that day on September 11, 2001 when

life for us was changed  so dramatically.


As the world watched our hearts were filled with horror

at the cowardly attack on the World Trade Center, the

devastation caused by the attack on the Pentagon and the

thwarted attack of another place of history, as the brave

passengers of a final destination brought the plane down in a

rural town of Pennsylvania. 


We think of these days with such sadness and great emotion.

Each year we retrace the journey of all these innocent people

who lost their life this day. We pray for them, we recite their names

and we hold them all forever in our hearts.


For those who did all that they could to try to rescue those who were

able to be rescued and for the heroes of the day who took every moment

they could to try to make a difference from all the devastation, we thank

them from the very bottom of each one of our hearts.


As the time passes and the days of our lives go on we think of

this day and try to accept the things we cannot change. In doing

so we remember all the families of those who were lost and we hold

them close to our hearts from the Dawn to Life's Sunsets ~ their

spirit remains. We recite the names of those who passed on that

horrible day and we say those names with great honor and love.


To the families who have lost so much and to those who have

lost their Moms and Dads, Sons, and Daughters, Aunts and Uncles,

Grandmothers and Grandfathers we want you to know that they

 live on in your hearts and will always be a part of our life

 throughout the many years to come.


 We have come to know each and every one who lost their

life that day and as we speak their name we attach the title of

friend and hero after each name.


May we unite on this sacred day to remember those who are no longer

with us and pray for those of us who remain who speak of the loss

and pain that will never leave us.


We will never forget you, we hold you close to us each day and

know that each of you have a very special place in our hearts. May

the peace of your spirit touch our life with constant love and a

constant reminder that no matter what evil has changed our life,

they cannot and will not remove the spirit of America. Our fallen

heroes are a testament to the love and adulation we will always

feel for them and unlike those who perpetrated this horrible crime

they cannot and will not defeat our purpose in this life.


So as we call your names in memory of your passing and as each

tear falls into the sea of sorrow, we hold you all closely in our

thoughts and prayers and look forward to the day when we

shall all be united again. We love and miss each and every one

of our relatives and friends who lost their life on that day, but

will never ever lose the spirit of those who live on in our hearts.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

September 11, 2007





Midi Entitled "Fallen Embers"

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