With every day your glow is there
In gentle moments whispered prayer
Our hearts all feel your spirit rise
Within the dawn of glory's eyes
No year will come nor will it go
When all your love begins to flow
For everyone we lost that day
Forever in our hearts shall stay
Mothers, daughters sisters sons
Friends and strangers all are one
Heroes born in every morn
In glory of the skyline's dawn
Soon you'll rise in greatest splendor
Each September we shall remember
Everyone we've lost we've found
Upon the earth in glory's crown
Ground to sky your tribute there
Always glory in "your prayer"
Shine on in your spirit's shrine
Captured in the love designed
Each of us will know the story
Of every single hero's glory
Raising up into the light
Casting diamonds oh so bright
So sacred is this place that stands
Heads are bowed as hearts command
Your life is cherished in this sphere
Your spirits dwell so very near
We will never forget September
The days in life we shall remember
Captured in the hero's treasure
All the love in life we measure.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 11, 2004





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