Our Hearts Will Now Remember the love in life we lost

In just one fleeting second and at such horrendous cost.

Each Thanksgiving we remember all those who are not here

They stay with us forever ~ with love their hears are near.

Happy Thanksgiving ~ November 27, 2003

So many empty chairs on earth
These places meant for you
In honor of the love we lost
Remembrances so true

No voice or laughter bellows
But hearts have all been kept
Your spirit flew to heaven
As angels softly wept

You left this earth in sadness
Our hearts are broken here
This our first Thanksgiving
We pray that you are near

To touch the hearts of loved ones
Who never said good-byes
To dry the tears of sorrow
That falls down from our eyes

We try to think of reasons
Why this life's not fair
To loose all those we cared for
With blast of hate ~ despair

We bow our heads in reverence
We look up to the sky
We see that God prepareth
Your feast this day on high

With chairs all filled with loved ones
All gathered in His Light
Each one of you in honored place
Your souls all glowing bright

Upon the earth a bounty
Of many empty chairs
Each one so filled with memories
While hearts are filled with prayers

You'll never be forgotten
As days go slowly by
Each holiday without you
We look upon the sky

We see your shadows moving
A perfect silhouette
Of love we can remember
We never will forget.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 11, 2001








Midi Entitled "Who We Are" Composed by Bruce DeBoer


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