When morning comes the lights still glow
For all our loved one's hearts will show
Each gentle soul we lost this day
Within our thoughts forever stay

Through all the sorrow and the tears
Our memories in life appears
Upon the sky the glow be seen
Within the dark the lights serene

Remembrances of everyone
When lights go out and day is done
Within our dreams they're always there
Their lights igniting with a prayer

Remember you ~ you know we do
Each one our heart has spoken to
Hear us as we bow heads down
Prayer we say brings royal crown

Ships now coming to our shore
In honor of your life once more
Destroyers fill the harbor bright
To catch a glimpse of your great light

Memorials of life will glow
As softly as the water's flow
Love expands throughout the lands
Americans will now join hands

Each of you with love to share
Has touched our hearts with gentle glare
Go softly softly in the night
You are the beacon of great light

We look up to the sky to see
The glow of you eternally
Fly now friends with love we send
Your light on earth will have no end.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright May 22, 2002







This copyrighted photo has graciously been offered to me by
Clifton Bazar ~ an extraordinary photographer.
You can access his site below.
I thank you Clifton and I would like to take the time

to graciously acknowledge two New Jersey Transit Officers
whose picture is below, who directed me to Clifton's work.


From left New Jersey Transit Authority Officers
Elizabeth Farrell and Toni Cruz



Midi "Do You Dream Of Me" by Michael W. Smith



Special Thanks to Bev of Moon And Back for the beautiful graphic.



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