In Memoriam
~ September 11, 2001 ~

Bring to me your weary
Abandoned and oppressed
Greet them from a nation
Where freedom is so blest

Faces filled with dreamers
I've seen so many tears
Leaving sorrow far behind
They walked upon our piers

Many shores have gathered
Each different race and creed
Welcomed them with promise
With love we wished Godspeed

Today this Lady witnessed
Such sadness where she stands
The evil that had entered
Brought blood upon these lands

Once a glow of happiness
From torch of love you held
Now with inspiration
Our mighty lady tells

With love and deep compassion
We hear those who have cried
For all the families helpless
We honor them with pride

Upon me what is written
Now changed by destiny
Words of love are scribed now
Throughout eternity

In honor of their presence
I hold my torch up high
Light the way to freedom
I bid my friends Goodbye.

~ Francine Pucillo ~




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