Words in life are written
Upon the hearts you own
Each one of us your epitaph
Gold etched upon your throne

We see the sun arising
Watch the sun go down
See the moonbeams shining
The stars of life our crown

Each life you gave so sacred
It's written so they say
Upon the souls of courage
Your names won't fade away

Whatever life you walked in
Achieving special goal
Within the hearts a nation
Will see the golden scroll

Within a song a testament
Within a poem a rhyme
Within our life you echo
The courage of mankind

In life the page is written
Within life's book of gold
Courageous hearts remembered
Their story shall be told

So let it all be written
So let it all be said
Courage you have shown us
Each story shall be read

Morning comes with glory
Night life's sweet refrain
We greet you with new dawning
Your hearts in ours shall reign.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright September 11, 2002






Midi "Only Time" by Enya

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