Five years now since September

Our memories won't cease
We catch our breath and whisper
The names we shall repeat
Within each day of dawning
As clouds go rolling by
We see the bright reflection
Of spirits way on high
It seems like it was yesterday
That all in life was changed
Yet we shall remember
How love was rearranged
We love you from a distance
You love us from afar
We see each star that's glowing
Yet we know just where you are
We capture all that's measured
The horrors that we share
The burden of the evil
That brought so much to bear
Yet through this deed we've gathered
The love that never ends
The memory of our loved ones
Our heroes and our friends
In life we share our burdens
We share our hopes and fears
Know that we'll remember
The moments days and years
You are not forgotten
In every heart that lives
Each day in life's reflections
It is your heart that gives
Time in life has meaning
When all is said and done
For you are of the dawning
In every morning sun
Each one of you remembered
With hearts of love we hear
All beating in a unison
That keeps you always near.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 6, 2006


As we walk through this day of sadness, may all of you who have

lost a loved one, a parent, friend or relative, on this sacred day,

know that our hearts are joined with you in prayer.


Five years have come and gone and yet we see your smiles,

we hear your laughter, and feel the burden of your loss.

Your chairs on this earth may be empty but you have gained

a place that remains forever in our hearts.


This day of remembrance is for you, it will always be for you.

For those who left their homes that bright and beautiful

September morning never expecting that the end of your

life was only hours away. How we grieve for your loss.


The treasures you left behind on your journey to the

next life will remain sacred to us always. We honor your

life, your right to have lived it, and the deep sadness for

the loss we feel that you are no longer sharing your life on

this earth with your loved ones.


You are not forgotten. You will never be forgotten for all

the years to come. For every memory we have saved will

go on forever in the hearts of all, not only in America

but in every nation that felt our pain and honored us with

their support and presence.


There may not be any closure to this horrible barbaric act

but our hearts will always feel the beat of those who left us

on that day and we shall carry you with us always.


To all those names we will hear and all those flags that will fly

in your honor we stand proud knowing that each and every one of

you had a purpose in this life and that purpose will go on. It will go on

in those who you left behind and we will join them in offering you

a love that will continue until the end of time.


We may never know peace as we have known it before in this

Nation, but under God, and with full knowledge of what you all

have meant to us will be the full understanding that your names

will be repeated over and over with a very special tenderness

and love that gives to us the memories of who you were

and who you will always be to us ~ a communion of spirits ~

"The Glow of Life's Dawn"


~ Francine Pucillo ~

September 2006







Midi Entitled "Only Time" By Enya

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