You fought for us in battle
Raised your hearts in prayer
Gave to us your everything
The eagle's presence near

Wings to guide your spirit
Forever flying high
Love to fill an ocean
I see the tears you cry

So mighty in your power
Great warriors brave and true
The courage of a nation
It started all with you

Footsteps made upon the land
Each one was forged by you
Proud and sturdy nation
Our loved ones brave and true

With every conflict given
Your stance of bravery
Loyal with devotion
With love for your country

If I forgot to mention
In passing of this day
I'm proud to look upon you
With sacred words I say

You are not forgotten
Not in this heart of mine
For every step you've taken
You left your heart to shine

Spilling blood upon the land
With loyalty you gave
Many of your people
So that we could be saved

For all that you have given
For all that you have lost
The power to the people
With love at any cost

In every walk of life you live
With greatest dignity
Hearts of many nations
All joined courageously

Raise my head towards heaven
Your spirits now addressed
We thank you for your courage
With love we have been blessed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


I dedicate this poem to Tracie, and all Native American brothers and sisters.
Those who have served and continue to serve this country.
For those who are Firemen, Policemen, Construction workers,
And those in all walks of life who helped on September 11, 2001
For all that they are ~ For all that they always will be.

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North Carolina

Please click on the graphic below, or the "next state" button above, it will take you to a list of Sites that have each state that have a Tribute Page to the attack on America on
September 11, 2001.

            A special thank you from "New York" to Bobby, for all the hard work in creating such a wonderful site and all the participants of each state representing our country.
        "God Bless America"         

 United We Stand

Music "Amazing Grace"

Obtained From "Tracie ~ Blood Poet" "In All Things Sacred"

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