As night turns to daylight
When mists softly rise
Our thoughts with you always
In sweet and gentle sighs

Each season's renewal
With all that it brings
Your breezes upon us
From soft gentle wings
For you are the spirits
That soar through the sky
The light of each new day
As years pass us by
The glory that's glowing
With rainbows we share
For you are life's echoes
That whisper heart's prayer
We pause with all honor
We know you are near
We speak of your valor
Life's treasury each tear
Your spirits shall linger
In places we see
You're home now forever
Yet here constantly
As time is our witness
As days come and go
Each light of your countenance
Shall bring forth life's glow
We'll never forget you
To us you are as "one"
All equal in purpose
Each ray of the sun
We gather your memory
In thoughts that remain
For you are the beauty
Of sweet misty rain
That fall from the heaven's
Which cleanse all this earth
The breath of each new day
That has so much worth
May it be your shadows
That fill up the skies
The clouds are now parted
Your spirits all rise.
Francine Pucillo
©Copyright August 24, 2005


~ In Memoriam September 11 ~
This poem dedicated to all those who lost their lives on that
fateful September 11, from New York to all areas of devastation
brought on by the cowards who attacked our freedom and
knowingly brought such pain to the families of those
innocents who woke up that morning and went about their
daily life, not knowing that it would be their last day on this
earth. This dreadful day will live in our hearts forever.
To those families who have to feel the pain of their loved ones
final words that they heard, the pain of knowing that their
final goodbyes were filled with repeated words of love and
resignation  for what was about to happen. These are the
things that stay in my mind. The words of the valiant who
knew that their fate was written on that beautiful morning.
Those evil people may have changed the course of many
innocent lives but they can never destroy us as a nation
of love and devotion for each one of those who died now
belong to us and we hold them in our hearts. They have
become the bright rays of light that break through the clouds
each morning and the extra sparkle of stars that twinkle in
the nights and fill the sky with their special light.
My heart belongs to those on this earth that have to
experience the pain of their loss. My heart is filled with
compassion and love for every human being that has to
deal with this every day of their life. I share that pain,
I share that suffering and I share the words that my heart
speaks of each and every day of the rest of my life.
"Each thought of remembrance on this fateful day
Will give us the courage to make our own way
For we are the keepers through life's destiny
Of all those who left us ~ but live endlessly."
~ Francine Pucillo ~






Midi Entitled "May It Be" by Enya

Obtained from "Moose Midis"

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