We stood upon an Island
With beauty that surrounds
The courage of a nation
Within this day abounds

People of all nations
Gathered in this place
Working for a purpose
The freedom we embrace

Enter for one moment
Now history is yours
The blood of all our victims
Will wash upon our shores

We will see magnificence
In tides that come and go
Each ripple in the ocean
With dignity will flow

Within the mighty clouds above
The Hands of God are there
Reaching for His children
The ones we lost from here

Your fame is no illusion
This evil oh so clear
No glory in your power
Your faces hidden here

Everyone can see you
In deed that you have done
With swiftness and with evil
You darkened morning's sun

Hearts within this nation
They form a strongest bond
You will never own us
Our freedom will live on

Only for one moment
Your laughter now will fade
For everyone you stole from us
Upon our hearts displayed

Each day our life improving
With dawning life steadfast
The Courage of all nations
All colors now amassed.

~ Francine Pucillo ~







North Carolina

Please click on the graphic below, or the "next state" button above, it will take you to a list of Sites that have each state that have a Tribute Page to the attack on America on
September 11, 2001.

            A special thank you from "New York" to Bobby, for all the hard work in creating such a wonderful site and all the participants of each state representing our country.
        "God Bless America"         

 United We Stand

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