I Thought of You Today

Each day in life I see you
My Heart so filled with pride
Feel my Arms around you
Your sorrow deep inside

I see your tears are falling
Please know I'm weeping too
I am sending you My Blessings
My Children I Love You

Your loved ones are all with me
Within the heaven's glow
With Angels all around them
They watch on earth below

See them in the faces
Of those they left behind
Their spirits are now within them
My gift in life that binds

The smiles you will remember
Each life you can't forget
Though chairs on earth are empty
They sit beside you yet

So filled with pride and honor
With all that they can see
So grateful for your beauty
Their love shines endlessly

All My Special Children
That came to Me that Day
September the Eleventh
Their wings in grand display

Today in heaven gathered
Each special soul assigned
To walk with you in beauty
My Gift to all Mankind

Know that they are with you
No, you're not alone
Their footprints in your shadow
Within your hearts their home.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright September 11, 2002



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