Each day in life without you
Are ones we won't forget
Each sunrise over a mountain
The glow of life beset

With diamonds and with sapphires
Our skies are filled with flair
The rubies of the sunset
Your glow forever there

We look to find the treasures
That fall down in the night
The stars are shining brightly
The ones that you ignite

Shooting stars are captured
In the darkness of our life
Mementos of our loved ones
Will always ease our strife

We think of you so often
We wanted you to know
You fill our hearts with glory
Where gentle winds now flow

For there upon a pedestal
Our stately mantel stands
Held within such reverence
Our love for you commands

The glow of each tomorrow

Will always find you there

Our precious gems of beauty

Each sunrise you will share

Time has greater meaning

As we will sing your praise

Our heroes not forgotten

September's love ablaze.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright September 2, 2003







"Where Have All The Heroes Gone"

Composed and Performed by HJ Gaudreau

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