No other place in heaven
That could be quite the same
For all of you God's Angels
He knows you all by name

Those who helped each other
To comfort those in pain
Remaining all together
Your life was not in vain

Gentle Spirit's Garden
It has a glowing place
Within God's Gates of Heaven
His Angels bow with grace

For as they pass this Garden
Your Spirits are all there
Walking in love's beauty
Not feeling life's despair

Upon the earth all nestled
Within a place to rest
But truly up in Heaven
The Garden He calls "Blest"

And so we hear your laughter
We think of you each day
We think of you with happiness
Love never fades away

You are always with us
For now and through each year
Not one of you unknown to us
Your hearts of love appear

Those who leave their footprints
They always walk the earth
A part of them is always here
Life's treasure of great worth.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright August 30, 2003







Midi Entitled "Only Time" by Enya

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