World has lost a brother
Mother lost her son
Father lost his pride and joy
Our nation lost beacon

Footsteps ran so quickly
In flames of death that day
Armed with purest bravery
Courageous life's brigade

His battle set in motion
With brothers by his side
Stormed in hell's inferno
All danger was defied

Fought with every passion
To do the best he could
Filled with inspiration
Dreams of his childhood

Helping those in danger
He fought his biggest foe
Bravery within this heart
With mighty ocean's flow

For all of you who knew him
Within your heart he stays
His light to shine forever
The glow of love ablaze

He'll never be forgotten
With mark he made on earth
The shadow of his footprints
Will speak of all his worth

Beyond the gates of heaven
On land of God he roams
With legions of his brothers
He safely is now home

Looking down upon us
With smile he wore so bright
Kevin touched the face of God
He walks within His Light

No flame on earth is brighter
Than one that Kevin bore
Light of heart's compassion
On earth life's brave mentor

Love from deep emotions
Within our grateful hearts
We give you Kevin's courage
The victor never parts.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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