Through life and it's reflections
We see the glory there
With love in tender moments
Our memories we share
The light that keeps on giving
Repeats through every day
A moment of reflection
That takes our breath away
The years they move so swiftly
The tears are always there
We miss our dearest loved ones
In earnest say a prayer
God Keep them close and safe now
So that we always know
Their light that shines upon us
Is softer in its glow
For all those who have left us
We hear their voices still
Their laughter and their beauty
Still constant at our will
I see your face before me
It lingers through the years
The beauty of your essence
Will help to dry the tears
In times of joy or sorrow
We carry you with pride
Capturing your spirit
As mounting years go by
You'll never be forgotten
We'll never let you go
In times of pain and sorrow
We see your bright rainbow
Through life we see reflections
Of beauty that we glean
Through love our hearts in rapture
By reflections that are seen
With dawn a new beginning
That keeps the heart still beating
In sunset all the glory
Of love that keeps repeating.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 3, 2008







Music Provided
"Grand Lake"
From the Album: A Thousand Summers
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