Self assured and confident
With pride she now stands tall
Head erect and heart all set
She now can give her all

No matter what she does in life
Strength is shining through
Realizing all her worth
Her soul found brave and true

Woman born of confidence
Each step that she now takes
Will leave a mark upon the world
Her spirit will not break

All the life that she will live
Her victory designed
This her wish a treasured gift
That heart and soul divined

Watch her as she's walking by
So powerful her stride
Yet gentle as the morning spring
With beauty well supplied

Speak to her at break of day
With power she will rise
Reflections of the life she shares
Looking through your eyes.

~Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright April 13, 2002


Midi " From Where I Am" by Enya

Obtained from Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midi's


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