Through every season of our life
Each one begins new start
Take a breath and gather love
It flows then from your heart

Time in life is precious
Which season is your best
Within our souls we seem to know
The season we feel blest

Look for beauty on the earth
When Spring winds softly sway
Flowers rising from the earth
Their petals sweetly pray

Summer in the softest night
You dance beneath the stars
Twirling in the warmest breeze
You'll gather heart's memoirs

Fall with all it's colors loom

Across the sky of blue

Magnificence of radiance

Gathered in warm hues

Winter comes with gentleness
When diamond snowflakes fall
Sparkling on the barren trees
In lacy peignoir shawls

All the seasons of our life
They touch us with each breath
Weaving of heart's tapestry
With love they each have left

Treasure all life's glory

In seasons brought through time

As they come and as they go

Their joys of perfect rhyme.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright September 4, 2001

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