Resting now I dream of you
As leaves fall on the ground
Coolest breeze now fills the air
My heart of love is bound

Come to me in path that glows
The one that leads to me
Paving it with colors of
Autumn's falling leaves

Listening so carefully
For footsteps that are near
Waiting for you patiently
Each heart beat you will hear

While I rest within this place
With you sweet harmony
Winds now softly bellow through
We hear love's symphony

Wake me with a gentle kiss
I'll give to you my hand
Walk within the beauty of
The season's colors grand

Autumn's glory at it's best
When you're at my side
Visions of such majesty
The presence you provide.

~ Francine Pucillo ~

ęCopyright 2001






Midi "Seasons" by

Bruce DeBoer

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