Sweetest gift made it's way
Fall has bowed to me
Waiting for it patiently
It enters gracefully

Cool crisp air that fills my soul
I've waited for so long
Every tune my heart now hears
Becomes sweet Autumn's song

Flowers of the warmest tones
They fill the land with zest
I walk among the paths of life
My steps have all been blest

Trees of color stand so tall
Magnificence is mine
Every step I walk on earth
This season of my rhyme

Sky set low with clouds above
The sun is shining through
Touching every part of me
What beauty in this view

Myriad of colors blend
Like greatest art you'll find
Upon the canvas of this earth
My heart and soul aligned.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
ęCopyright August 29, 2001






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