Like the tide that rushes in 
Your footsteps always near
See my heart within your smile
So happy that you're here

See you filled with so much joy
Want this just to stay
All this beauty in your soul
Forever and a day

Steps you take so carefully
That bring you close to me
Memories I hold so dear
So timeless they will be

Come to me with gentleness
Rest upon my heart
Moment when I kissed your face
My world was filled with art

Treasures thrive within my mind
Rushing like the shore
Child of mine I love you so
This joy could not be more

Face of beauty child of light
Touched by wind and sea
Bringing all the waves of love
The ocean you and me.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001


Midi "Marble Halls" by Enya

Obtained from Dawn Wong's Villa


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