Need a special gift in life
It's magic can't compare
The gentleness of special kiss
Soft breezes in the air

With wings of lace and beauty
I send this kiss your way
That you will feel the softness
Of bonded love to stay

Greeting that is always blessed
That comes with special touch
Gentle as the softest breeze
That says you're loved so much

Feel these wings around you
With special loving care
To let you know the kindness
Of love that's always there

So hold me close on this day
I'm always there for you
With arms that gently reach out
This kiss is meant for you

If you need an extra one
Reach up to the sky
Feathered wings are flying
With kisses sent from high.


 ~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright 2001


Midi Entitled "Ave Marie by JS Bach" is  performed by ©Yuko Ohigashi. 

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